Mrs Yaya Munyithya Museve, Community Health Volunteer, Community Unit Kitui County

Mrs Yaya Munyithya Museve, Community Health Volunteer, Community Unit Kitui County

Quality Improvement for community health services: Learning Event

This event was held in October 2017, when representatives from community to national level participated in a two day “festival of learning” that formed the third phase of the USAID SQALE Program quality improvement training model. The overall aim of the event was to share experiences and learn from one another. The specific objectives were to:

  • Evaluate and present quality improvement change plans for community health services
  • Celebrate success, recognising high performing teams and innovative changes
  • Share learning on the application of quality improvement approaches in community health
  • Identify key enablers and challenges for Work Improvement Teams in implementing quality improvement for community health
  • Plan for further embedding quality improvement into the community health system

Twenty-four Work Improvement Teams from Nairobi and Kitui counties came together for the first time to share their experiences. Nairobi County hosted the event, with over 100 participants and facilitators, which comprised of twenty-four quality improvement teams, Kitui and Migori Counties and participants from the National Ministry of Health Departments for Community Health and Health Standards, Quality Assurance and Regulation.

Learning event report

A full report of the learning event which summarizes proceedings and all of the presentations is available. Read more..

Bridging the Quality Gap - Strengthening Quality Improvement in Community Health Services: A symposium

This event was held on the 29 September 2016 and brought together a wide range of stakeholders – from government, communities, the health service, non-governmental organizations, research institutes and universities, and funders – to share learning on quality improvement. It aimed to strengthen knowledge about how these methods can be applied at the community level.

During the symposium different speakers shared information on the success of Kenya's community health programme and some of the ways that quality improvement can help tackle challenges that are being faced in the country.


This symposium was hosted by the USAID SQALE community health service project, a new initiative that seeks to enhance maternal and child health by improving the quality of services at the community level and access to services at facility level in eight counties of Kenya. The project intends to strengthen leadership and coordination at national, county and community levels by embedding a culture of quality improvement through capacity-building and community engagement.


You can download the final agenda to see who was talking about what.

Speakers and participants

In the table below you can find all of the people who presented at the Symposium. A larger list of participants is also available.



Dr. Jackson Kioko

Director of Medical Services, Ministry of Health

Dr. Patrick Amoth

Head, Division of Family Health Ministry of Health

Prof.  Miriam Were

Community Health Services Goodwill Ambassador

Dr. Salim Hussein

Head, Community Health Department Unit

Dr Thomas Ogaro

Director, Public Health, Nairobi County

Dr. Sheila Macharia

Senior Health Manager, USAID Kenya

Dr.  Miriam Taegtmeyer

Senior Clinical Lecturer, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Dr. Lilian Otiso

Director of Services, LVCT Health


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Making the invisible visible

To draw attention to the work of Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) we used the symposium as an opportunity to launch our new film, Making the Invisible Visible.

Symposium report

A full report of the symposium which summarizes proceedings and all of the presentations is available. Read more..