In this toolkit you will find a range of tools that we have used to implement, support and evaluate quality improvement for community health in Kenya. These tools can be adapted for a variety of settings and we are very happy for you to use them. Please let us know if you find them helpful and where you use them!

Coaching and Support Strategy

Once you have established Work Improvement Teams (WITs) it is important that they are given ongoing training and support. This strategy describes the functions of a quality improvement coach – a staff member that should visit the WITs once a month and support them by providing guidance on running meetings, analysing the data that is generated, and implementing and evaluating action plans. It provides advice on choosing the right person to become a coach. It contains a Coaching Report Template that captures what was done on a coaching visit and future actions that need to be taken.

USAID SQALE Coaching and Support Strategy

Data Quality Assessment

The purpose of the Data Quality Assessment is to understand how true the data reported in electronic and/or aggregated formats are to the individually collected data forms.  In Kenya, we look at both the match between paper forms of Community Health Volunteers and the paper aggregated forms of their supervisors as well as the match between those paper aggregated forms and the electronic District Health Information System data reported by the sub-county.

If we believe the quality of the data is high then we can start to use it more actively for decision making and for evaluating performance.

USAID SQALE Tool Instructions for the Data Quality Assessment

USAID SQALE Tool Template for the Data Quality Assessment 

Work Improvement Team Maturity Index

Once WITS are established and coaches are in place, it is important to be able to monitor their progress. The Quality Improvement Team Maturity Index is a way of systematically monitoring and assessing the work of WITs on a routine basis.

USAID SQALE Tool Quality Improvement Team Maturity Index

The Community Follow-Up Tool

The Community Follow-Up Tool addresses the lack of routine reporting tools to capture communities’ experience and satisfaction with the delivery of community health services. The Community Follow-Up Tool captures what actually happens between the Community Health Volunteer (CHV) and household member during a household visit.  It measures perceptions of and satisfaction with CHV activities, their communication skills and referrals to and experience at healthcare facilities. It is administered by a community member appointed by the WIT.

USAID SQALE Community Follow-Up Tool Instructions

USAID SQALE Community Follow-Up Tool

The WIT summarises the household-level findings of the Community Follow-Up Tool for evaluation and action planning.

USAID SQALE Community Follow-Up Tool Summary Data Form