Quality Improvement for community health services: Learning Event, 2017

This event was held in October 2017, when representatives from community to national level participated in a two day “festival of learning” that formed the third phase of the USAID SQALE Program quality improvement training model. The overall aim of the event was to share experiences and learn from one another. The specific objectives were to:

  • Evaluate and present quality improvement change plans for community health services
  • Celebrate success, recognising high performing teams and innovative changes
  • Share learning on the application of quality improvement approaches in community health
  • Identify key enablers and challenges for Work Improvement Teams in implementing quality improvement for community health
  • Plan for further embedding quality improvement into the community health system

Twenty-four Work Improvement Teams from Nairobi and Kitui counties came together for the first time to share their experiences. Nairobi County hosted the event, with over 100 participants and facilitators, which comprised of twenty-four quality improvement teams, Kitui and Migori Counties and participants from the National Ministry of Health Departments for Community Health and Health Standards, Quality Assurance and Regulation.

A full report of the learning event which summarizes proceedings and all the presentations is available. Read more..